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CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV cameras connected to a digital video recorder (DVR or NVR) provide an additional layer of security for both commercial and residential clients. At B&K Security Solutions, our preferred manufacturers are HiLook powered by Hikvision, Megavision and Dahua. These systems allow clients to directly self-monitor their own premises via a mobile phone app.

A CCTV camera system, combined with a security alarm system, means that in the event of your alarm being triggered you can quickly view the interior of your home via a mobile phone app. Should you see an intruder you are within your rights to call the police and ask them to respond to a confirmed break-in.

However, security and safety is not their only advantage. A CCTV camera system saves you time and money and allows you to control your entire business from your desk!

Strategically placed cameras enable managers to quickly survey large premises such as warehouses and exterior loading bays, oversee staff activity and machinery operation as well as check stock from the comfort of their desk.

A popular chain of local Townsville butchers used our services to install HiLook and Hikvision (a CCTV camera system) which allows a staff member to check stock levels inside fridges at all three of their branches. Previously that staff member had to physically visit each store in order to carry out this task.  

For CCTV camera system specifications visit our Specifications page


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CCTV Camera Systems